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Auto Glass Facts

Top 5 reasons your Windshield is VERY Important

  1. Visibility   Having Chips, Cracks or Excessive Sand Pitting can be very distracting. Real Fast Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Up to $150 Cash Back
  2. Windshields support the roof –  In the event of a roll-over accident your windshield helps to  stop your vehicle’s roof from collapsing.
  3. Windshields support your airbags –  Airbags use the windshield as a backing to keep them in place to safely cushion the passengers. If your windshield is damaged or poorly installed the force of the airbag can shatter the windshield completely or eject the windshield from the pinch-weld.
  4. A good Auto Glass Repair will not spread –  We Guarantee it – In the event it does we credit the amount paid towards the NEW WINDSHIELD!
  5. Windshields are Laminated Safety Glass –   Windshields have a layer of vinyl film between two layers of glass. This is why your glass may only have a chip and not shatter like regular glass(or most side door glass).

It is strongly recommended that you replace your windshield if it is cracked larger than 6 inches. We offer mobile auto glass replacement and repair in all of  the Phoenix metropolitan areas.

  • The windshield is two pieces of laminated safety glass
  • Your airbag uses the windshield as a backing so it may properly inflate
  • The Windshield Glass supports the roof/sunroof  from caving inward in a rollover accident
  • Windshields keep the driver and their passengers safe from debris.

Auto Glass  Repair

It is strongly recommended that you repair your window if there is a chip or small crack before it breaks completely. Most insurance’s wave the deductible, and will repair up to three chips on a windshield. Repairing the chip consists of us injecting a special resin into the break; after the resin dries the chip is virtually invisible and restores structural integrity back to the windshield.

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